Upcoming events:

Living Deep Adaptation A 7-week online journey, combining personal inquiry, shared experiments and practical action. Every Wednesday 29 April – 10 June 6.30-9pm BST. Join us to explore what it is to live the principles of Deep Adaptation in practice. 

the pause at St Ethelburgas: A day of practices, poetry and personal experiments online and in your home. 10th May 

Wilds Beyond Climate Justice I’ll be running a session as well as part of the wider team. Details of my session will be on the website soon. 


Other ways to access my work:

Poetry: Currently the best place to find my poems is on my Patreon site.

Mentoring: If you’re interested in having me as a mentor click here for info and booking

Facilitation, artist in residence, consultancy: If you’d like to have a conversation about working together please get in touch here. As a curator with The Emergence Network I’m developing a ‘compostancy’ offer so do stay in touch and check out our other work here.

Kissing The Void: Deep Adaptation and The Creative Spirit: This week long retreat and creative lab will be run again when meeting in person is possible. In the meantime we will be hosting some online sessions to offer a flavour of the work. Do get in touch to be added to my mailing list for updates.

the pause: “the pause is a radical act, an invitation to stop in the midst of action, to disrupt our normal modes of being, to collectively fall silent and become aware of the moment we’re in.”  How do we open to the other/wise in these times of crisis? When we have no single spiritual or soul tradition to lean in to together, what helps us plug in to mystery? With roots in different traditions and improvisational practices, the pause emerged during the launch of Extinction Rebellion in 2018 as an experiment in participatory prayer / performance. It’s an invitation to breathe, to bear witness, to listen for what’s wanting to emerge. Toni also hosts ‘pause trainings / retreats for rebels’.
“the pause is counter to the culture that has driven us to the brink of extinction. It is an invitation for everyday magic to unfold.”
  Join the Facebook page for updates, poetry, posts and more. And get in touch to be added to my mailing list for updates. I’ll be offering an online workshop through St Ethelburgason May 10th. Details to come.

Become a Patron: If you know the value of art in times of crisis, and what it takes to make it; if any of my work has touched you and you’d like to see more, you can support me here on my Patreon site. From £1 a month upwards and you’ll get sent poems and other shapes of artistry. It’s about more than money! This is especially welcome at this time of ‘social distancing’ when most of my work has been cancelled. The space is now more open for the muse while the rent still needs to be paid!

Some other recent events – to give a flavour…

What do you do when there is no hope? Myself and Bayo Akomolafe in conversation 

Deep Adaptation and the Regenerative Power of telling the Truth

Vulture: Courting The Otherwise in a Time of Breakdown

Deep Adaptation public talk December 2018 with Jem Bendell